Myth: Keeping business costs as low as possible maximizes profits

August 23, 2017

Many business owners believe they should maximize their profits by keeping their expenses as low as possible. In this episode, Ken Lizotte and Kathleen explore when, how, and why to invest in yourself and in your business and how that leads to sustainable profitability. As you find out, spending money to develop skills or expand your business can actually set you apart from the competition. It is what both these successful thought leaders have done, so listen in and find out how to bust this myth wide open.

Key Take Aways:  

  1. Anticipate expenses. As Ken says, when you do your annual budget, set aside some resources for marketing and personal growth courses or coaching.

  2. Trust your gut. Not all investments, coaches or training programs are for all people. Do your research, and then trust your instincts.

  3. Learn from your mistakes. Part of being a business owner is taking risks and sometimes failing. When you realize that you have made a poor investment of your time or money, change course. It can be difficult to realize you have made a mistake, but the sooner you do and the quicker you change course, the better off you and your business will be. 

Guest Bio:

Ken Lizotte is the author of seven books including his most recent The Speaker’s Edge: the Ultimate Go-To Guide for Locating and Landing Lots of Speaking Gigs (Maven House Press) and The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority that People Turn to Every Time (McGraw-Hill). He is the Chief Imaginative Officer of emerson consulting group inc., a Concord, Massachusetts, consulting firm that transforms speakers and consultants into “thought leaders” by helping them write and publish their ideas as articles and books. Kathleen has worked with Ken since 2010.

Ken lives in Concord, Massachusetts, with his wife Barbara, daughter Chloe, and Golden Retriever puppy Beckett.

Special Announcement: Check out Ken’s latest collaboration, What Would Henry Do? Essays for the 21st Century” with Introduction by Ken and featured essays by 40 scholars, activists, authors, and celebrities including President Jimmy Carter. Published by Thoreau Farm, the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau as a fundraiser.  


Myth: It is okay to ignore your finances.

May 24, 2017

Anne Dickinson, Eye on Your Business

When business owners buy into the myth that it is okay to ignore your finances, their bottom line probably suffers. In this episode, Kathleen interviews Anne about how not knowing “your numbers” negatively affects your business and how more female business owners than men may suffer from this myth.

Listen and learn:

  1. Why financial knowledge is power, and how learning more about your business finances boosts confidence.
  2. How to take one small step at a time to get organized and how working with a bookkeeper can help.
  3. What it takes to be more financially savvy and how taking action reduces your stress and improves your decision-making.

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Anne Dickinson is the cash flow and profits optimizer. She uses her profit leaks x-ray vision to help overwhelmed business leaders take back control of their business finances, stop money from falling through the cracks, and make moves that result in more money, more time, and more freedom.

Creator of the Stop the Profit L.E.A.K.S. Formula™, Anne isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she works side-by-side with business leaders to identify and eliminate money leaks, ignite profits and improve cash flow and liquidity to create a strong, healthy business.

Anne has an MBA from Babson College, worked in the Defense and High Tech industries, packaged and sold assets, dissected and improved operations, set up Treasury departments, and owned successful entrepreneurial ventures.


Myth: Planning is unnecessary because you only live once.

May 10, 2017

Kelly Shikany, CFP® CDFA™, Lakeside Wealth Management

In this episode, Kathleen talks to Kelly about the myth, “Planning is unnecessary because you only live once.” When people buy into this myth they often wait too long to seek the help of an advisor. Kelly busts this myth open and discusses the importance of financially planning for the future so you can enjoy today.

Listen and discover: 

  • How planning for the future now, gives you many more choices when it comes to how you want to live in retirement.
  • Why working with an advisor can help you define your core values so you can build a retirement plan that honors these ideals.
  • That you are never too young to plan for your future because you only live once!


Kelly Shikany, CFP® is a member of the Financial Planning Association serving clients at Lakeside Wealth Management in Chesterton, IN, and the surrounding communities. Kelly has 20 years of investment management experience, is a strong advocate for women investors who may be managing life’s milestones, and a supporter of gender equality since 7th grade. She volunteers on the CFP® Boards Pilot program, "Each One Reach Three,” mentors women financial advisors and hosts a quarterly gathering for them to enhance financial confidence and engagement. You can contact Kelly at, or visit her website at

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Myth: Couples need to be equally involved in managing money.

April 12, 2017

Julie Littlechild, Founder, Absolute Engagement

The idea that couples don’t need to be equally involved in managing money sounds contrary to popular financial planning mindsets. Kathleen and Julie discuss what happens when both individuals in a couple are not equally involved in finances, how to handle expectations, and improve effective communications around money. Listeners walk away with tips on how to reframe the money conversation, decide who is better equipped to take the lead on execution vs. vision for finances, and how advisors can help draw both individuals into the discussion. 

Julie Littlechild is a speaker, writer, and researcher. Her firm, Absolute Engagement, conducts on-going research into the drivers of personal, client and team engagement.

Julie has worked with and studied top performing financial advisors, their clients and their teams for twenty years. She is a recognized expert on driving deeper engagement and growth, the author of a popular blog. Her book, The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement, was released in January 2107. For more information, contact Julie at 

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Julie's first book, 'The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement' was released in January 2017. More information is available at where listeners can download the first chapter free.


Myth: I can’t save money.

March 15, 2017

Sam X Renick, Founder Sammy Rabbit

If couples have problems talking about money, just imagine how hard it is for them to teach their kids about money. As a parent, you may avoid money conversations because they can be an emotional or uncomfortable. If you are a teacher, you may not feel qualified to teach about money. But in today’s society of instant gratification, teaching our kids about money, money habits, and attitudes is vital if we want the next generation to have sound financial habits and a secure future. Listen to this episode as Kathleen interviews Sam about how to bust open money myths such as “I can’t save money.” and become involved in empowering the next generation to be financially savvy savers.

Special Offer: FREE download of Sammy Slogans on Money, a set of 15 printable activities that introduce students in grades K through 3 to eight of Sammy’ favorite slogans. (

Sam X Renick is the driving force behind the "It's a Habit" Company and Sammy Rabbit. They are dedicated to improving children’s financial literacy and empowering kids through development of great habits and strategic life skills. Sam has read and sung off key with over a quarter million children around the world, encouraging them to get in the habits of saving money and reading! He has won numerous honors throughout his career including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education's Lifetime Achievement Award! You can contact Sam at



Twitter: @SammyRabbit1



Myth: You should always financially take care of your family.

February 15, 2017

Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®, Founder and President, Your Greatest Contribution (YGC)

When do you, or should you, stop taking care of your family financially and does this myth affect women and wealth more than men? The idea that you should let your family deal with the consequences of their financial choices may be harder for women to handle than men. In today’s episode, Kathleen and Rianka explore this money mindset and how it negatively affects having financially responsible family members.

Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP® is the Founder and President of Your Greatest Contribution (YGC), a virtual fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm dedicated to serving professionals in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. A strong advocate for young professionals, she served as 2016 National President of Financial Planning Association’s NexGen community, and currently sits on CNBC’s Financial Advisors Council. Rianka has been recognized by Investment News 2015 list of top “40 Under 40” financial services professionals, and in Wealth Management and Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2016 list of top 10 CFP holders in the country. For more information, visit Rianka’s website at

Twitter: @Rianka_D  and  @YGCPlanning 



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Myth: Money is the root of all evil

February 1, 2017

Megan McAvoy, President of Aspire to Retire Rich

How many times have you heard that money is the root of all evil? Actually, the true phrase is “for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” Quite a different meaning, isn’t it? Listen to Megan and Kathleen discuss how believing that money is the root of all evil affects your financial health and how you can change that mindset by shifting your understanding that there is nothing wrong with money or the possession of money. It is only when money begins to control us that the trouble starts. 

Megan McAvoy inspires and impacts successful women in business to achieve personal wellbeing, business freedom, and financial security so that they may have everlasting fulfillment. She is the President of Aspire to Retire Rich and believes that there has never been a better time for women to understand their relationship to wealth.

For more information visit her new site: or e-mail her at

Twitter: @Megan_McAvoy


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Myth: Aging parents communicate with you about money.

January 18, 2017

Kelly Pelissier, Creative Director and owner of Sage Hill Design

Does talking to your parents about money make you feel like a child? As our parents age, we may find ourselves in the position of parent in many aspects. Kelly and Kathleen delve into this money myth in today’s episode. Listen and learn how to approach your parents for this difficult conversation.

Key take aways include:

1. Starting the conversation with loving intent.

2. Acknowledging your parents’ difficult feelings about the topic.

3. Introducing the idea and then letting them set up a time later on to discuss the topic in more detail.

4. Know that it is a journey not a one time conversation.

5. Give your parents control over what financial information to share and when.

6. Know that breaking money silence with your aging parents allows you to learn more about your family history and more about them as people, not just parents.

Kelly Pelissier - Having more than 15 years in the creative industry, Kelly decided to put the long commutes behind her and begin her own firm, Sage Hill Design in 2008. Her prior experience as both Art Director and Adjunct Design Professor have given her advantages in both corporate and educational realms. Her irrational fear of boredom and sense of global responsibility have led her to start a small organic farm with her husband. 

Kelly has worked with KBK Wealth Connection since its inception and continues to be an important part of the team.

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Myth: With enough money, life will be perfect.

November 30, 2016

Nancy Nelson, CFP®, Owner Beyond Enough

Do you ever think that once you have enough money, you will have more time, energy, and no more problems? It’s not that simple! The myth, with enough money - life will be perfect, can be a great motivator but may lead to a letdown if you don’t have a clear idea about how retirement will look for you. Listen to Kathleen and Nancy talk about how resources are limited and we still have to make choices. Retirement takes work!

Nancy C. Nelson, CFP®, is the owner of Beyond Enough, a firm that helps boomers transition to a fulfilling retirement. Previously, Nancy was a fee-only planner for more than 30 years. In 2012, she sold her practice and started her encore career where she mentors fellow retirees, and their advisors, on how to ease the transition from meaningful work to a meaningful retirement. She shares her insights by speaking to professional groups and working one-on-one with clients. You can find more information at her website: .

Twitter: @BeyondEnough





Myth: Family finances should be managed and controlled by one person.

November 16, 2016

Elaine King Family Business Advisor™ and a Certified Financial Planner® 

Should family finances handled or controlled by only one person in the family? Elaine and Kathleen delve into this myth and examine how getting the entire family involved in financial discussions and decisions can actually strengthen the family. It also will prepare and educate kids to be able to make responsible financial decisions as they leave home and start their own careers. Their advice is to not give up, it may not always be easy but it can be very rewarding.

Special Offers: Elaine offers Breaking Money Silence™ podcast listeners a free download of Chapter One of her book, Family & Money Matters. Visit her web site Family and Money Matters here to download the chapter.

She is also offering 40% off a financial plan to our listeners through December 31, 2016. When you schedule a consultation with Elaine here, please add KBK to the Comments.

Elaine King is a Family Business Advisor™ and a Certified Financial Planner™. Elaine is considered an expert in international family financial planning and ambassador for the CFP Board of Standards. Founder and president of Family and Money Matters™ whose mission is to empower the family’s human and financial capital to achieve financial well-being together.

Elaine is the author of the international bestselling book “La Familia y El Dinero Hecho Facil” winner of Best Latino Award (Penguin Random House 2013). She also wrote the first book in Latin America to teach children about the value of planning; “Saltarin y las cuatro palabras clave para una familia unida” (Santillana 2014).

Twitter: elainekingfp

LinkedIn: Elaine King, MBA, CFP®

Facebook: Elaine King FP

YouTube: Elaine King Fuentes